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SEVCH Swedish Tracking champion
Lundahövdingens Sunshine

Born November 11th 2007
Sub Terram Räkna Med Bråk , out of Lundahövdingens Little Tiger

Emmy is Molly's daughter. She is charming. She is an easy-going little lady with excellent size and very nice exterior.

Emmy has HD grade A. She has 1st prize with HP at dogshow. She became the second best junior in her class.

Lundahövdingens  Rin Tin Tin

Born: 2009-05-07
Sub Terram Svensk Form , out of Sub Terram Manna Från Himlen

We kept Tintin from Annies second litt. He is a very nice dog with a lot of motor.
He loves everybody and everything. Tintin will be living with a co-owner family. He have a lot of hunting in him.

He has ck on show.

Rabalder I Farten

Born: 2019-01-21
By Borderby´s Nitty Gritty, out of Rabalder ingen protest


Photo: Happy Dogs Hundfoto

SEVCH Swedish Tracking champion
Lundahövdingens Little Tiger

2005 - 2018
USCH Sitheanduins Auren Ó Diarmid, out of Valsjöhöjdens Balaena

Molly past away may 16th because of age and illness. Molly was the firstborn in my kennel.
She stal my heart totaly the first 3 weeks in her life. After that I couldn´t sale her.

She was the first of mydogs to be swedish trackinng champion. She had a large hunting interest.
She really burned for 2 activities and it was swiming and insidesearch.
She did also like nosework. She learned fast when it was dinner in the evening thru reminding me if the clock was over 6 and she hasn´t got it she come to me and told me.

Photo: Happy Dogs Hundfoto

Sub Terram Manna Från Himlen

2005 -- 2018
By Ajax z Tyrolské obory, out of Sub Terram Dansk

Annie died december 4th 2018 of disease and age.
She loved to train agility which she could do until she got cataract on one of the eyes.
After that we did some nosework.
She was a great dog who didn´t like to walk in leash if she didn´t have to.
Her parent had great merits in hunting but Annie did never had the interest and she could always be loose without she run away and hunted anything.

Annie with her rosettes

Valsjöhöjdens Balaena
By SUCH Axbor Born To Be Alive, out of J Klettermusens Nallemaja

2001 - 2016

Unfortunately, our beloved Simba got to go over to the other side due to illness.

She was a dog who truly loved life with being on exhibitions and do other activities. When she was 13, she took the first title in rally obedience. Subsequently, it has been mixed with agility, Nosework and rally obedience. Once she knew that it was training day as she sat at the terrace door after she had eaten dinner and wondered when we would go. Should training be set so she forced math out into the garden to practice at least 10 minutes. Otherwise, she went not to bed to rest. Some days were sleeping overrated according to her. Despite his poor hearing, she would learn Nosework. She and Emmy were jealous of each other when I trained one of them. End I had to close it as I was not trained.

She was loved by his entire family, both four-legged entries and two-legged teenagers. Sleep tight Simba. We love you.

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